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Whether you are looking to update, upgrade or improve efficiency, KBAS Bookkeeping can integrate your software systems to provide a complete best-in-class solution. Software integration is the process of bringing together various types of software sub-systems so that they create a unified single system. We embrace modern tools and technology to help tailor the right solution for your business situation. With our solutions we can:

KBAS Bookkeeping partners with you to take your business to the next level.

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Xero Bookkeeping

Why we chose Xero

Having worked with bookkeeping software for 30 years on a daily basis when we started KBAS Bookkeeping in 2014 we took the opportunity to review a number of options in the market.

We put them through their paces with 3 months of the same data, checked out how user friendly they were, how easily we could connect with other software and what information we could extract. Having used MYOB daily for 20 years, to the point I could tell you what screen you were on without seeing it, you would think it would have been the clear choice, but I also knew all of the faults and shortcomings.

We chose Xero from the outset due to the continuous improvements that are implemented slowly, ease of use, the plans of the management team and the ability to be heard when the software needed improvements. They say you never really know until trouble hits and when we had all the changes in legislation through COVID 19, Xero were on top of what was required and implemented and provided training well ahead of the deadlines. I am still pleased with our choice and continue to provide support here. We do continue to monitor the developments of its competitors.

Whilst Xero is not for every business and we would not make you change providers; it is our focus and where we can provide you with the best value.

With KBAS Bookkeeping we provide full training, implementation, and management support for your software needs. Working with Xero and as a certified Xero partner, we invest in you and your team’s capability, so they never have to struggle again.

If you need help with Xero, contact us now

LEAP Software Solution For Law Firms

As an approved LEAP Partner, KBAS Bookkeeping has the knowledge and expertise to support your law firm. We can make it easy to work from anywhere, knowing that your firm is operating efficiently, saving you time and money.

If you need help with LEAP, Contact Us now

Lightspeed Software Solution for Reatil & Hospitality

Reaching your customers online couldn’t be simpler. KBAS Bookkeeping is experienced to streamline your processes and systems, stay profitable and emerge stronger as a business.

Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution for restaurants suitable for full or quick-service restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotel restaurants, cafes and more. Key features include floor management, customer tracking, inventory tracking, gift card support, offline mode, and an iOS mobile app.

If you need help with Lightspeed, Contact Us now

Sharesight Software Solution for Investment & Portfolios

Swap your spreadsheets and make it easy to receive valuable information at your fingertips. With KBAS Bookkeeping, we have the expertise to streamline your assets, know your true performance and make insight driven decisions.

If you need help with Sharesight, Contact Us now


Scheduling, timesheet & Time Clock Software

Deputy is an Australian information technology company which provides cloud-based workforce management and scheduling platform designed to help companies organise, track, and manage their teams.

Deputy is a cloud-based human resource management (HRM) solution that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industry verticals and provides them employee management and scheduling functionalities.

Deputy’s rostering application helps businesses to create schedules that can calculate overtime and provide capabilities to schedule staff.

If you need help with Deputy, Contact Us now


Timely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that caters to individual professionals and small and mid-size businesses, including beauty salons, hair salons, health clinics, massage therapists and personal trainers.

Users can run their appointment schedules remotely, generate reports and send notifications and reminders. Features include calendar management, which lets users book or rebook appointments, initiate group bookings and classes, manage recurring bookings and add multiple activities to a single booking.

Timely enables customers to book their tickets online through links embedded in websites or through Facebook. It offers sales and marketing support and reporting features.

If you need help with Timely, Contact Us now


BuildXact is an easy-to-use construction management software uniquely designed for residential builders and trades, helping them easily and smoothly manage projects. Transform your business – one system from first takeoff to final invoice.

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Workflow Max

Online project management made easy.

Run your jobs remotely with WorkflowMax cloud project management software. Do it all in one place, from anywhere – quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting. Enjoy greater visibility over your people and your profit. Workflow Max is wholly owned by Xero and therefore it works seamlessly with its integration. As a Workflow Max Partner we can work with you to set up this software which is highly customisable to get the most from it for your business.

If you need help with Workflow Max, Contact Us now

Looking to Master Your Technology?

If you enjoy technology just as much as we do and would like training to support your business automation, KBAS Bookkeeping can help you stay on track. With our Support packages, you can book either 60 minutes or 2 hours.

Our Case Studies

We spend time with you to look for the most effective way to help you achieve your business goals. The KBAS Bookkeeping model ensures we are partners at every step of the process.

Established in 2015, we have built a reputation as one of Caloundra’s favourite places.

The Queensland Air Museum (QAM) in Caloundra is a volunteer organisation with a proud history.

The Skin and Body Club is a full service skin and beauty clinic providing high quality and affordable treatments and services to the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Pure Building Approvals offers cost-effective, innovative and efficient regulatory advice on all types of building projects.

KBAS Bookkeeping partners with you to take your business to the next level.

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