Paid Parental Leave Changes

Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave Changes are in progress from 1st July 2020. Eligible persons will be provided with more flexibility to use and extend parental leave pay. Do you have an employee who intends taking Paid Parental Leave? What do these changes mean to your business in terms of staffing or temporary  roles to cover the position?

Your employee may be entitled to Paid Parental leave. It is the employees responsibility to initiate the claim process. The best time to do this is before the birth or adoption and this is the process for them to claim.

For now there is no change to what you as the employer needs to do. Important dates for you in determining their entitlement are 1st July and 14th September 2020.

Paid Parental Leave Changes

Paid Parental Leave as one block of 90 days leave is the current allowance. The entitlement to 90 days will remain the same. The change means the 90 days is split into 2 sections.  From 1st July Paid Parental Leave changes mean this is broken up into;

  • 60 days continuous Paid Parental Leave days
  • 30 days flexible Paid Parental Leave days

The 60 days remains as a block of paid Parental Leave whilst the 30 days allow the employee flexibility in returning to work.

The employee will be asked how and when they want to take the flexible Paid Parental Leave days from 14th September.  As an employer you need to be aware of these Paid Parental Leave change and what it means to staffing. Flexible Paid Parental Leave Days (30) means the employee maybe able to return to work part time and access Paid Parental Leave for other days they would normally work. As a result of the changes, adjustments to your roster and/or to the temporary employees role to cover the position within your business during the flexibility period may be required.

NOTE if the child’s birth date or adoption date is before 1st July 2020 these changes are not applicable.

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