We have learnt from the last 12-18 months of changing business conditions and ever-changing legislation and grants policies that it’s easy to work a lot more hours and become overloaded with the updating information. After handing over the end-of-year work to accountants, we took a breath to discuss how we are working as a team to serve our clients best. There was a lot of push and shove in periods of high demand, particularly after Tracy Grimshaw’s Today reporting and advice. We were not always able to work with you as we would have liked.

How we are all handling our own mental health both individually and as a team is essential. Particularly during times of uncertainty for not only KBAS but that of our families; both the KBAS one and our individuals. The pressure at times to remain on top of everything and be a support to others who are facing uncertainty was overwhelming. I am speaking of these uncertain times in the past tense as I think we are now building resistance and resilience within our business community. We are currently preparing how we can help our businesses develop to recognise the opportunities and threats moving forward.

What’s changed?

As a result of our KBAS team reviews, we have made the following changes in our staffing, office hours and ways to book a longer appointment with us;

  • Sarah is now a permanent full-time employee, which means that she will be with us on Fridays as well now.
  • Our office hours have been shortened from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.
  • All our staff team will be taking a Friday off once a month on a rotating basis.
  • Installed a new phone system thanks to Dan at Sunshine Coast Business Solutions (more on that to come).
  • Created a booking system for longer appointments. To book a time, please use this link – here

We will continue to strive to reply to you on the same day but within 24 hours at the latest. Of course, we will be monitoring these changes to not adversely affect clients and our availability.

Mental Health ResourcesIf you are looking for some resources to support yourself and your team, our Sunshine Coast Council has links to several resources – https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/Business/COVID19-Support-for-Business/Mental-health-support

KBAS Bookkeeping has engaged Suncoast HR to work with us to develop employment contracts to meet these changing requirements. They have been easy to work with, providing options to achieve the working conditions for our Team at KBAS Bookkeeping. https://www.suncoasthr.com.au/

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