Network Groups – Are they worth the effort?
Earlier this year I joined a networking group, Business Beats. We meet every Tuesday outside of school holidays at the Goodlife Center. The reason I joined was to make connections with businesses that maybe able to assist my clients, small business owners, with things that are outside of my capacity ie insurances, finances, marketing etc. what I wasn’t expecting was the level of support amongst members, the willingness of others to freely share information that is useful and educational in our own business. Each week we have a bit of fun and people are fined for one reason or another & they add coins to a piggy bank which we use to support a local charity; everyone has the opportunity to discuss their wins & the curly situations & there is the speakers award too.
To date this group has not resulted in any new business for us and I am just fine with that as it has given me so much more. If you are thinking about this, first decide what you want from the group you join and try a few out before committing. If you want to come & visit ours by all means give me a shout happy to bring you along as my guest.

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