The Queensland Government has announced the next round of the Business Boost grants will open on Wednesday 4th May at 9 am. This round 3 offer will be snapped up so be prepared.

The $5000 grant is available to businesses in two areas; the SE Qld region and outside of the region. You can apply if your turnover is under $300, 000 and you have not previously received this grant. These grants offer $5000 to eligible new or emerging businesses to improve their operations, such as upgrading websites, improving skills or adopting best practices.

Program guidelines and other information is available now from the Business Queensland website to assist businesses to check their eligibility and gather materials needed to submit an application.

If you want to be in the running to get the grant make sure that you have prepared answers to all of the questions beforehand. have this document opened and in a format where you can copy your answers across on the day. Also make sure you know where your business registration documents are stored and have them ready to upload as well. The last grant expired in 30 minutes. You will need to be at your computer and ready to go at 9am. 

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