We were all hoping for a sparkling fresh new year filled with certainty and plans. Already this theory and hope is crashing down upon us with the spread of Omicron.

Many of us take stock over Christmas of what is happening within our businesses. Did you look at your numbers with thoughts of cutting costs to improve your bottom line? Analysing how o increase sales? Bringing in help for marketing and business advice? Or were you just too damn tired and wanted to get away from it all for a few days at least?

Here are 5 ways we can help you in 2022.

  1. Having a support team around you to smooth the bumps in the road to help you achieve your business goals and just to offload and lean on along the way. We are here to listen and support but also to pick you up, dust you off and arm you with tools to move forward. Having certified bookkeepers and registered BAS agents on your team means that you have access to a team of professionals who have ideas, experience and approaches to keep you focused on your goals.
  2. We can tailor bookkeeping, payroll, training, BAS lodgement, software advice, consulting and business advice to your budget. By using the right tools and processes for the job we can keep costs to a minimum.
  3. We offer fixed price services. You know upfront what services you will receive for the prices and payment can be tailored weekly or monthly. Hunting around for the cheapest hourly rate does not serve you. How do you know what one person can do in an hour compared to another and how many hours it is going to take? Don’t get caught with a surprise bill.
  4. Your business will be viewed with a second set of eyes. We will be monitoring and reviewing for opportunities, grants, weaknesses and bringing them to your attention. We are not here to just process the bills and complete your compliance for the Australian Taxation Office. Our role in your business is to help you achieve your goals and become our next sucess story..
  5. We offer a free 30 minute consult. What have you got to lose? Book here 

Great businesses are defined by the quality of their relationships and how they solve problems. So let’s be great together.

KBAS Bookkeeping partners with you to take your business to the next level.

To find out how we can support you for success. Contact Us Today!
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