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What do bookkeepers do?

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What do bookkeepers do? The simple answer is: “All the financial record keeping you don’t have the time or expertise to do properly”. A good bookkeeper will be a registered BAS Agent and a huge asset to your business because they have the knowledge and experience on how to accurately manage your business’s financial records.…

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Six key requirements for tax compliant invoicing

KBAS Bookeeping Caloundra

Make sure your invoices are tax compliant. What are the must haves? 1. Ensure the words ‘Tax Invoice’ are prominent 2. Clearly display your full business name and address 3. Your ABN (Australian Business Number) must be on the document 4. The date of invoice is displayed 5. The description of the product purchased by…

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Do I need a bookkeeper?

As a small business owner can you do it all yourself? When my daughter was a toddler her famous words where “I can do it myself” and for the most part she did. However there were limits, it could not harm her or others and it was not going to cause irreparable damage. For most…

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